We’ve little time to create change yet impact start-ups are challenged as they lack funding and the right help

Now, start-ups can easily match with experts willing to invest their time to make a damn difference.

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Impact buddies is a community where start-ups can match with the experts they most need to grow, but seldomly can afford. We’re covering everything from top-notch branding experts, former executives with vast industry experience to sustainability champions.

It’s easy-peasy to work together. The experts invest their talent against a stake in the future success either as an equity or as a credit. Everyone wins, even the polar bear. Aren’t that what buddies are about?

Let’s together break down the barriers that are holding the impact start-up community back. Money is tight, time is short, and talent is scarce. Only together can we create a bigger damn difference!

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You’ll be part of an amazing community of changemakers and be able to put your talent to good use for causes and businesses you truly care about. Hopefully you’ll also learn something along the way. You are asked to invest your time in an impact start-up you believe in either as an equity or as a credit. There’s no guarantees, but when the community work together there’s a greater chance of success.

You get the potential to work together with diverse, world-class experts that can help take your impact start-up to the next level. Experts you often wouldn’t have access to or be able to afford. These experts are diverse from captains of industry, global branding experts, creative superstars to some of the best from the start-up community. There’s no guarantees, but when the community work together there’s a greater chance of success.
It should be easy-peasy to work together, so we offer two options for impact start-ups and experts with as little hassle as possible. The experts are investing their time against a stake in the future success. Isn’t that what buddies are for? The first option is an equity option, where equity is given away to the experts against the investment they do with their talent. The equity option is offered through a third-party provider called Funderbeam. The other option is a credit or a loan, that’s tied to the success of the start-up much like an equity, but without the hassle of cap tables and rigid regulation.

The equity option with Funderbeam helps impact start-ups from cap table to first funding and until exit. For expert, equity can be difficult to understand, but we make it easy for you to see the talent you have invested and how your investment is doing. As a community we do our best to value everyone’s hard work from impact start-up to expert, but equity is difficult to control, so if you don’t like the uncertainty, we’ve the credit option.

The credit option is an easy, more transparent model with less risk where both parties more easily can see and value the exchange, yet still take part in sharing a future success

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I wished this existed years ago

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